Monday, September 14, 2015

Ribbon Ankle-Wrap Shoes

Hello Ribbon Retreat friends!
As much as I LOVE wearing my cute boots in the Fall & Winter,
I equally LOVE donning the sassy shoes of Spring & Summer!

I am going to demonstrate how to use ribbon to update your shoes for the upcoming seasons.

This is a great accessorizing idea that you'll want to wear for 
Mother's Day Brunch, June Weddings, or 4th of July Picnics!

 The felt circle should be secure at the top & bottom, with sides open.

 There are many ways to tie your ribbon wraps!

I adore the front-bow used in this Moonstitch Grosgrain Ribbon.
 Up your elegance by adding a Satin back-bow for formal dances, black-tie events, 
or even your wedding day!
I also tried the Satin bow placed on the side (over ankles) and loved it.

Perhaps you don't want to "commit" to hot gluing the felt circle inside your shoe?
No biggie!  
You can 'fake' the look by tying ribbon under your foot!

 My daughter went crazy over this darling chevron printed ribbon....
 Little girls love this 'ballerina-inspired' look!
 Or skip tying it under-the-foot and simply tie around your ankle.
I truly LOVE this double-bow look!
Especially in polka dots...

Have fun adding your own ankle-wrap ribbons!
A great accessory for any age!

 Really you cannot go wrong when pairing two of women's favorite things: 

The Ribbon Retreat has the perfect ribbon to compliment ALL of the shoes in your closet ;)

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