Monday, February 2, 2015

Valentine's Day Luncheon

I am participating in a fun Blogger Competition at The Ribbon Retreat blog!
This tutorial posted there a couple of weeks ago and
now they are voting on all the AMAZING valentine contributions.
Go scope out the 'lovey dovey' posts and cast your vote HERE!
Mine is #3 (wink, wink)!

Hi Ribbon Retreat readers!
I am SO excited to participate in this creative Blogger Competition!

I received an amazing bag of supplies from TRR and thought, 
"Woah, how am I going to decide on just  ONE project??!  
This is an entire 'party-in-a-bag'!"

Such a darling dilemma....

Well, why fight it?
I created an entire party out of the adorable supplies in my TRR bag!

 First up, a tempting invitation.
I don't know about you, but I LOVE a good invite!

I made this simple print-at-home card and embellished it with 
some striped ribbon and a fun sequin bow.
 Next, I started prepping the decor!

I bought 3 matching placemats at a local 'dollar store'.
Pink, of course!

 I cut various 3/8" ribbon into 7" and 9" strands.
**Make sure to heat seal all ends**

I used one strand of each length to tie a knot, joining two placemats together.
Repeat to tie-on the third placemat.
From start to finish, the table runner took approximately 7-minutes.  

Next, I had visions of a fun, linear mobile to highlight the table space.
** Disclaimer: I really don't have a "method" to follow for this lovely mobile.
Just use what you have!  This would also be a great project to use scrap ribbon pieces!

For the thin ribbon, I looped it around the dowel...resulting in two strands.
For the wider ribbon, I hot glued directly to the top of the dowel...resulting in one hanging strand.
~ I LOVE the 'airiness' that the tulle provides in this mobile~
 The cloth napkins were ridiculously easy and inexpensive...
I used ordinary men's handkerchiefs that I purchased for less than $1!

 Yep, just iron-on that sparkly ribbon with some Stitch Witchery!

 Upon completing these napkins, my daughters immediately asked, 
"When can we use these for our tea parties?"

The sequins are definite crowd-pleasers!
 I went straightforward with the use of flowers; 
I simply hot glued an alligator clip to the back.
 These were a lovely accent to the place cards!
 Finally, a couple of ribbon accents added to our centerpiece vase....
And a tulle & ribbon combo tied to the back of the chairs... 
The final result was LOVELY!

Very thoughtful details, without being overdone.
 Very feminine and very welcoming.

The sequin napkins immediately catch your eye!
 The charming table runner pulls it all together!

How about switching the ribbons on the table runner and replace with the appropriate ribbon for a girl's birthday party, Easter dinner, or Mother's Day celebration?
 For me, the clear 'show-stopper' is the ribbon mobile.
The longer I look at it, the more I LOVE it!
Now I want one for every holiday!

Or what about making a set of 3 linear mobiles to cascade on the ceiling above your newborn's crib?
Cuteness overload!!!
 Finally, I sent each of my guests home with a flower clip.
I love wearing these on my scarf, in my hair, or on a hat, necklace, or purse!

Friends will adore a memento from this very special Valentine's Day Luncheon!

As you can see, The Ribbon Retreat is the perfect party resource.
Details abound when you use colorful, textural, & playful RIBBON!

Go start planning your Valentine's Day Luncheon to enjoy with friends 
or with your significant other.
It is more meaningful to create, 
when you share the results with someone you love!


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