Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Halloween Ribbon Web

Hi, I'm JaniJo.
I am so thrilled to be sharing a Halloween tutorial for The Ribbon Retreat!
Halloween is a favorite around my house; costumes are usually decided on in July!
And every year, I love to snap an individual photo of my darling trick-or-treaters!

But my dilemma was, "How do I display these boo-tiful pics???"

Here's my solution:
Here is a list of the quality TRR products I used...

For the spider's web:
*5 yards each of 3/8" ribbon in orange stripes, purple mini chevron

For the spider:

Let's make the spider first....

I chose to affix a clothespin to my spider's tummy, so it could be moved around the web.
But you could also just glue it to the finished spider's web.
It turns out SO cute!  Definitely not a scary spider!
Now let's work on our web.

I used full-length dowels (3 feet).
But you could trim the dowels to fit in the space you have picked for your web.
We need a center knot to keep the dowels splayed apart.
Use an 18" ribbon strand to knot the middle.
Weave between the dowels and tie knots to secure
 until you have just a couple of inches of ribbon left.

To form the first row:
I liked to lay out my ribbon placement before I started tying;
it was nice to play with the color placement.

Now to start tying knots.
Lots and LOTS of knots!
When you tie the two tails together,
tie it insanely tight.
Seriously, pull with all your might!

I originally thought that I might have to secure each knot in place with hot glue,
but a tight tie dismissed this step.
The first row was the trickiest.
In my head, I kept hearing my Grandma telling me how to tie a square knot,
"Right over left...then left over right!"
This helped keep the printed side of the ribbon forward-facing.

Here is the guide for how long to cut each strand for the succeeding rows...
Remember to cut six strands for each row.
Keep repeating the knots for each row.
Tie, Tie, Tie!!!

It was actually a nice project work on while I caught-up on watching Project Runway.
Yeah, for multi-tasking!

Now to be totally honest.

This is seriously my favorite ribbon craft EVER!
There is so much ribbon cuteness, that these pics just do NOT do it justice!

Check-out my fluffy spider clip!
She is perfectly at home in her colorful web.
And look at all those rows and rows and rows of ribbon...
it makes me so giddy!
I finished by painting black clothespins to display all of our previous Halloween memories.
The kids keep coming back to talk and laugh at their silly costumes.
It is so great to re-live their past trick-or-treat adventures.

I can definitely see this web holding many more memories to come!
Thank you for viewing my Ribbon Web tutorial!

Are you going to make one to hold your family's costumed pics?

Or leave off the photos, and have this giant, colorful web be the star of your porch vignette?

What about making the web with 18" dowels, for a cute door wreath?

Good luck in 'spinning' your own colorful Ribbon Web!
Have a Happy Halloween!

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