Tuesday, January 20, 2015

5-Minute Boutique Shirt

I am a sucker for holiday clothing.  Are you?
Guess what?
You don't need to pay prime dollar to achieve a boutique look.
Heck, you don't even have to SEW!

Gather your supplies and set the timer...
because in 5-minutes you, too, will have a darling Holiday T-shirt!

The quality TRR supplies I used were:

Other supplies:
*plain shirt, pre-washed

Let's begin!

Make sure your 'forget me not' flowers fit together tightly.
They should somewhat overlap.

Use a scrap piece of brown grosgrain (approximately 1.5"x 1.5")
for the tree trunk.

You are DONE!

Didn't that come together SO quickly?!
I love the sparkly "ornaments"!

It would be tempting to immediately have your cute lil' girl wear this---
but let's guarantee that glue is dry first! 

I waited 24-hours to be safe.
While you are waiting for the glue to dry,
why not use another one of those DARLING sequin bows as a hair accessory!

Simply hot glue the bow to a hair clip.
 This blingin' Christmas tree shirt is IRRESISTIBLE!

Pair it with coordinating leggings and the matching hair bow shown above,
and you're ready for your family's upcoming Holiday party!

Or have her wear it for that photo-op on Santa's lap!

Or the school Christmas party!
No matter the event,
she is sure to receive many compliments on this expensive-looking festive shirt.

This same 'tree' would be adorable glued onto a fabric GIFT BAG!

Or try using a single 'forget me not' for a smaller version of the tree;
this would make a cute, shining ornament!

Thank you for viewing this tutorial on how to make your own 5-minute Boutique Shirt.
Happy Holidays!

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