Monday, August 4, 2014

Spring Chick

I am so thrilled to be back on The Ribbon Retreat blog 
to share this adorable, plush Spring Chick!
Let's get started!
The specific products I used from TRR:
*Robert Kaufman's Celebrate Seuss2 "Rainbow Dots"
*Riley Blake's Summer Breeze "Yellow Main"
*Riley Blake's Tonal Dots "Small Green"
*Printed Korker Ribbon, Chevron Yellow
*7/8" grosgrain in "Mystic Blue"

You will also need these pattern pieces: (click on pattern to print)

To form ribbon beak:

1.  Cut chick's beak and seal the edges.
2.  Sew onto chick's body.
3.  Heat corners of beak--pinch to seal sides together.
4.  Beak shape is formed.

Your Spring Chick is born!
 I used bright turquoise bows to turn my Spring Chicks into the new "Mr. & Mrs. Cluck"!
They are a happy couple of birds!
 You can also use the same pattern pieces to make "Mr. & Mrs. Hopper".
 To make the cute rabbits, put the 'wings' on the top of the head for 'ears'.
And instead of korker ribbon hair, use korker ribbon to make rabbit whiskers!
If you wish, add a button nose.
 The Clucks and Hoppers are already welcoming Spring!
I can't wait for each of my kids to receive a plush buddy in their Easter basket!
They will be cherished gifts & decorations for years to come.

'Hop to it'....make your Spring Chick or Rabbit today!

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