Monday, August 4, 2014

Ribbon Macrame Luminary

 Hi, it's JaniJo here to share a fantastic summer craft!
I have memories of my grandma's ornate macrame art via a plant holder in my grandma's home;
it wasn't necessarily 'pretty' with its' orange and brown matted tufts.

However, this tutorial offers a modern twist on macrame using my favorite supply....RIBBON!!!

 I used The Ribbon Retreat's 3/8" ribbon in Neon Pink, Ansi Yellow, and Mystic Blue.

 Stabilize the knot using a clip board, a chair leg, or even your big toe!

 I made some Ribbon Macrame Luminaries with 4 rows of knots and some with 5 rows...
you decide!
 This is a sequence of how the final knot placements should look:
I trimmed and heat sealed the ends of each ribbon strand.

In all my crafting history, I would say that this SIMPLE project has the biggest WOW factor!
 The fancy luminaries look so striking when hung in a group, like this.
They would be a great decoration for a backyard BBQ or bridal shower!

 And the fringe at the bottom dances in the breeze.... lovely!
Considering the inexpensive supplies and the minimal time commitment,
you have no excuse NOT to try these beautiful Ribbon Macrame Luminaries!

Your summer will be happier with them involved!
Thanks for looking at the Ribbon Macrame Luminary tutorial!


  1. Wow! What an ingenious idea! With all the ribbon colors available, how easy it will be to coordinate the luminaries with themes for parties--such as bridal or baby showers, graduations (using school colors), the 4th of July, etc. Thank you for your amazing tutorial! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much Pat! And I LOVE your idea to use these at a graduation party---brilliant!


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