Monday, August 18, 2014

Owl Ouchie Pack

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Whoooo's ready for school?

I was given the letter 'O' and, as a mom, immediately thought of how my school-aged children hop off the bus with tales of their "OUCHIES"! 

Recess is fun, but sometimes those monkey bars can be dangerous. (wink!) 

I am going to share a pattern and tutorial for an Owl Ouchie Pack 
that you can heat or freeze to alleviate those little 'ouchies'!
 I used 1/4 yard of Riley Blake's "Orange Rain Drops", a scrap a fabric I had in my stash,
 a Ribbon Retreat ribbon mix, and two large buttons.

You will need to print off the pattern below:

From the main fabric, cut two pieces for the owl body. 
Cut two 'wings' from a scrap piece of fabric.

Use a ribbon section (approximately 4") to cover the top of the ribbon loops.

 Here is a close-up of the 'topper' ribbon section...

"Whoooo" loves this finished owl?
I do!
This happy owl will comfort your aching child just by looking at it!
But if you freeze the owl pack,
it works well to calm their inflammations...
Do you have a child that suffers from Growing Pains at bedtime?
Warm-up your Owl Ouchie Pack for 1-2 minutes in the microwave;
the heat will take the edge off of muscle and joint pains.

**Note: do not over heat!  This will hurt little hands and possibly melt the owl "eyes"**

This Owl Ouchie Pack is the perfect size for little hands.

Make one for each of your kids.
They will love using their own 'owl pack' to comfort their ouchies received  at school recess 
or bounding around at home.
Here's hoping for a safe school year!
Whoooo-ray for Learning!

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