Monday, November 25, 2013

Ribbon Turkey Tutorial

 I am always SO happy to be a guest on The Ribbon Retreat blog!
Today I am sharing a tutorial for a darling "Ribbon Turkey" to place on your little turkey's onesie or T-shirt!

All of my materials are from The Ribbon Retreat:

*1/4 yard of Hooty Hoot, Brown Hoot Dots flannel
*T-shirt or onesie

Print pattern below, or trace your own turkey 'body'.


 If you are placing your Ribbon Turkey on the back, there is no need for a turkey 'face', since it's like looking at the back view of a turkey.  

I opted to put my turkey on the Center Front, so I added a simple face.

 Once you pin your turkey in place & are ready to sew it onto the actual onesie,
 I recommend using a basting stitch.  

This allows you to easily remove the 'turkey' after Thanksgiving;
 your onesie is left unscathed!

Keep the turkey to baste onto a bigger T-shirt for the NEXT Thanksgiving!

 Your Turkey Ribbon shirt is ready for your own tiny 'turkey'!
This will be perfect for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving!

The directions for a matching Turkey Ribbon Pin are basically the same.
 Use the pattern provided to cut your fabric.
Cut 3" pieces of ribbon, instead of 6".
Because of the tiny loops, I found it helpful to stitch my layers of ribbon 
before sandwiching all materials together.

I think this pin would look great affixed to your favorite fluffy scarf!
It would be a perfect project to use your ribbon scraps, too!

I hope all of you will enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving shared with your loved ones!

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