Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

Halloween is right around the corner and the kids are READY!
Trick or Treat!

My 3 girls are all of the bug variety--- a monarch butterfly, bumble bee, & lady bug!

I made tutus using tulle from The Ribbon Retreat.  Obviously tutus are not a 'new' costume idea, but I made these with added 'ties' throughout the skirt.  To achieve this 'effect', simply tie tulle around an elastic waist, as you would for any basic tutu.  

Then cut 2"x6" pieces of tulle to tie intermittently throughout the skirt. I did a square knot.

 This is an easy technique with a BIG impact.  It makes the tutu EXTRA fluffy & adds splashes of color, too!  I loved how they turned out.

I also made their their head-pieces.

The younger two sported TRR's Marabou Puffs, with pipe cleaners & Styrofoam balls attached as antennae.

For my oldest girl's antennae, I made two orange/white polka dot bows & then attached the ball-topped pipe cleaners.
For the girls' wings, I bought all of them at the Dollar Store.  Then I used some black spray paint to add spots for Miss Lady Bug & Monarch Butterfly.  For my Bumble Bee, I just spray painted the entire set of wings.  This saved me SO much money!!!  Only $3 for 3 pairs, as opposed to $8.95 for the butterfly's alone!
Don't you love the knots of black tulle in her tutu? I do :)
One other thing that I love about these costumes, is that they are WARM!  
Temps are supposed to be low tomorrow night, so the leggings & long-sleeve shirts will be perfect :)

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  1. They are all so cute!! The costumes are awesome too! =)


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