Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pocketed Bed Runner

I did this tutorial for The Ribbon Retreat's amazing 'Boy Series'...
 Oh boy!  I am so happy to share a project I made for MY BOY!

My sweet son is always stashing things away in his pockets, bookbag, etc.
So why not give him a spot to keep his books, legos, and toys at bedtime?

Here is what you will need to make a twin-size, quilted bed runner with pockets!
 I chose a medium chevron from Riley Blake in the color "Boy".  (appropriate, eh?)
 Sew the smaller pieces to either end of the larger piece...
Set the backing aside and pull out your 'Little Fattie" pack.
I used Riley Blake's "One For the Boys".

Choose five coordinating fat squares to use and cut EACH as shown below...
 Play with the quilt pieces until you come up with a pattern you are pleased with.

 Come up with a pattern to actually "quilt" all three layers together.
I did a larger chevron pattern to stitch.
 It's time to use your bias tape; mine is in 'navy'.
 You will now iron your tape, as follows:
 You will start by applying bias tape to the short edges of the bed runner...
 Sew right by the edge to finish tape.

 You are almost done!  
Finish by applying the bias tape to both long edges of the bed runner.
This will 'seal' the edge and form the pocket!

That's the last step!  Your quilted bed runner is done.
I LOVE the patterned whimsy that this adds to my little fella's bed:)
 And who can resist the coziness of anything quilted?
Not me!
 The backing is equally adorable!

 It didn't take long for my boy to feel the pockets with books, legos, chapstick, 
& even a rock collection!
(How long do you think until I find candy in there?! )
I am by NO MEANS a quilter, but I really enjoyed this beginning quilting project.

Hooray for all the boys in our lives!  
Make this project for your sweet boy and see what 'treasures' he stows away in the pocketed bed runner.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Back-to-School Tradition

I just wanted to share our family's fun back-to-school tradition:

We have a special candlelight dinner with the kiddos to start-off the school year.
I let the kids pick-out their favorite dinner and this year ham, zucchini, and garlic bread were on the menu:)

 It's nice to celebrate the end of summer, and to talk about the expectations for the upcoming school year.  My kids are easily impressed with a couple of cut flowers and some lit candles.  It's nice.
Anyway, I just thought I'd share the way we make the adjustment back to the school schedule.
It helps ease the pain of having to wake up early!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tooth Fairy Pillow

 Who has ever felt sorry for the Tooth Fairy?
It's a pretty thankless job & sometimes it's hard for her to remember all the kids that lose teeth!
(Especially after a full day of car pooling, laundry, dishes, etc!)

I know the Tooth Fairy has 'forgot' to collect my son's tooth---
and then tries to make up for it by giving BIG money;)

Help the Tooth Fairy out:
The Tooth Fairy Pillow hangs on the child's doorknob,
which means easy access to the pulled tooth, letter, AND the ability to leave reward money.

I got my lovely materials at The Ribbon Retreat:

First, print off this pattern for the tooth.
Or you could make up your own!

Next, let's work on the back pocket:
1.  On the raw edge, mark at 1" and 3.75".
2. & 3.  Iron and fold to form pocket.
4.  Pin.  Edges are still raw.

Let's work on this cute tooth's face!
Choose which type of 'smile' you want:  RicRac, Fabric Marker, or Embroidery.

Layer the front, knotted loop, and back...

Last Step!  Finish with a little hand-sewing...
Look at your cute new buddy, the Tooth Fairy pillow!

I love that it has this double pocket!

If your kids are like mine, they like to save those shriveled, pulled teeth. 
They can keep those in the bottom pocket. (yuck)

And the cute hand-written letters & money can go in the (hygienic/safe) top pocket!
Join the Tooth Fairy revolution and make this handy hanging pillow...
it will make the fairy's job easier!