Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Bibs

When I got an invite to a baby shower, 
I was feeling I wanted to try a new homemade gift idea.

but I've wanted to use some of my fabric scraps!

So I spent some time (hours), appliqueing these cute boy bibs. 
 I attached some baby spoons & this cute tag to prep the soon-to-be mom:)
 Aren't these bibs completely BOY?!
 After each one I made, I thought, "This one is my favorite..."
 "No, THIS one is my favorite..."
 "This one is DEFINITELY my favorite..."
 Yep, it was torture.  All this little boy cuteness about did me in;)
Another twist on this gift, would be to applique some store-bought bibs.
Or just use the poem on a tag, the spoons, & some some bibs...no sewing needed!

Credits:  Monster Bib idea came from here.


  1. Janica, these are so cute! And time consuming! You're a very talented lady... :)

  2. What a very colorful bibs! They are very adorable and eye-catching especially the one with a necktie design because it seems so formal, perfect for special occasions.


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