Monday, June 24, 2013

Baby Bibs

When I got an invite to a baby shower, 
I was feeling I wanted to try a new homemade gift idea.

but I've wanted to use some of my fabric scraps!

So I spent some time (hours), appliqueing these cute boy bibs. 
 I attached some baby spoons & this cute tag to prep the soon-to-be mom:)
 Aren't these bibs completely BOY?!
 After each one I made, I thought, "This one is my favorite..."
 "No, THIS one is my favorite..."
 "This one is DEFINITELY my favorite..."
 Yep, it was torture.  All this little boy cuteness about did me in;)
Another twist on this gift, would be to applique some store-bought bibs.
Or just use the poem on a tag, the spoons, & some some bibs...no sewing needed!

Credits:  Monster Bib idea came from here.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Refurbished Address Plaque

 We have owned our home for five years.
And for the last five years I have despised this horrible address plaque.
Not sure what I hate worse: the forest green/rose color motiff or the scrolly vines & flowers.
So I eyed this version that I really loved at Home Depot,
but I didn't love the $49 price tag.
I totally think it's worth that amount.... 
I would just rather buy groceries for the weekend instead of an address plaque.
 Whitehall Products Rolling Hills Mini Wall One Line Address Plaque in Black/Gold
 One afternoon, the ceramic seemed to look especially hideous, 
so I whacked it with a hammer.
Yep, it never saw it coming.
Man, that felt good.
So with a couple of extra whacks, all of the rose vineyard came crumbling down:)
 The plaque unscrewed easily, and I quickly coated it with a matte black spray paint.
 Huge improvement already!
Funny how Forest Green was one of my favorite colors in 1998....
 I had a small piece of gold vinyl in my stash,
so I cut out our address numbers with the Cricut.
 I applied the numbers and a thin gold border on an 1/4" thick scrap piece of veneer plywood.
 Then I sealed the plaque with two coats of polyurethane.
After re-screwing the metal onto the house, 
I used a clear/waterproof caulk to affix the lightweight wood plaque.  

Ta Da!

No more nightmarish house numbers from the 80's!
Yep, I'm going to sleep better tonight;)

Monday, June 3, 2013

Fabric Suspenders

Here's a tutorial I did for The Ribbon Retreat:
Are you ready to sew something for your BOY?

It's not that I'm not willing to sew something for my cute son, 
but I never know what to make him! (besides pajama pants)

Here's what you'll need to make a pair of suspenders for a cute boy in your life!
All of the supplies I used are from the fantastic Ribbon Retreat:

Start by cutting fabric & interfacing to 5" wide...
for now, keep it the width of the fabric (approximately 44")

Results in 5"x 44".
Iron the interfacing to the wrong-side of fabric.
Cut in half to result in 2 pieces...each being 2.5"x 44".
Grab your model for this next step if you can...

Trim off any excess fabric.
My suspenders are for a children's size 6/8 and I trimmed them to 2.5" x 39".

Sew each strip.
I highly recommend The Ribbon Retreat's Easy Turner tool to turn right-side out!
It will save you hours;)
Make sure to press the seam toward the middle---this will be hidden by facing towards the body.
Mark one end of each strap as shown:

Use a large safety pin to push the elastic piece into the fabric tube.
You want the elastic to reach just past the 5" mark (as shown by the purple line).
1.  Stitch at the blue line.  
2.  Push safety pin back out the tube and remove.
3.  Place the non-stitched end of elastic just past the 1" blue line (again pictured in purple)
4.  Stitch on the blue line.
Tuck the raw edges to the inside of tube approximately 1/4".
Thread through suspender clip & stitch in place.
For the remaining edge of each strap, mark 1" from the end.
Once again: tuck raw edge, thread clip, & stitch in place.

Cross your suspender straps in the middle of the back.
Mine crossed approximately 3" above elastic.
Using a ruler, or other straight edge, draw a diamond pattern to guide final stitching.
Your suspenders are finished!
And check this out...
they're super cute on boys AND girls!

These suspenders are darling when paired with khakis & a matching tie for church, too!
 I used fabric from Riley Blake's "Hello Sunshine" line to make little sister this simple skirt.
I think it will be darling for a back-to-school look in the fall:)

Now that I've made a couple pairs of these suspenders,
I am addicted!
They add a splash of color & fun to any outfit!

Try this simple, inexpensive, and terrific accessory for your child!