Monday, May 13, 2013

Vintage Vegetable Garden Stakes

 For Mother's Day, I made my perfect mom these garden stakes
 featuring vintage seed packet clipart.
 I'm happy to say that she loved them!  Now we can't wait to plant our family garden!
 I made these stakes by printing off the clipart (you can find them here).
I printed them in a 5x7 size and then laminated them individually.

I purchased the 5x7 plaques for 97 cents at WalMart and
 affixed them to these rough stakes bought at Home Depot.

 I decided to paint them black and coated them with polyurethane.

Finally I affixed (well, my hubby did) the picture to the plaque using a handheld staple gun.

 I made twenty vegetable stakes and gifted them in an empty planter with a gingham bow.

You don't have to make twenty, but perhaps you could try some stakes for your garden!
Or make a few for a favorite gardener in your life:)

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  1. Hey thanks to share such type of garden stakes with us.I am lucky to read such a nice blog and want to be continue with your blogs.


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