Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Grommet Waistband Skirt

Welcome Skirt Week readers!

 I got my supplies from The Ribbon Retreat,  a Skirt Week sponsor!

You will leave the other side open for a zipper.
You will want an even (not odd) number of grommets;
 so that both tails of your ribbon will come out on top...to tie.

These plastic grommets from The Ribbon Retreat are super light 
and literally close together in a SNAP!
No hammer required:) 

 Doesn't that look so nice and "finished"?
It took a couple of extra steps to have the concealed 'interior' of the waistband,
but I didn't want SIX gaping holes.  

 Weave a ribbon, sash, or scarf through the grommets and tie on the side.  CUTE!


  1. So pretty and very clever!!

  2. Wow, so creative!! And you look SO good in it!! Well done!!

  3. Yep, I knew I'd love this tutorial. Even grommets instead of odd? Never would've thought of that. Until I tried to thread my drawstring.
    And hello, this skirt is not the only cute thing! You look adorable! How do you get your hair to do that??

  4. So cute! I love your tutorials. You look great, by the way.

  5. I love everything about this! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Love it - grommits such a cool feature. I love the red shoes as accent. Nice job.

  7. The skirt is super cute! Great job!

  8. I am seriously thinking of making this to wear to my mother in laws wedding in a couple weeks, you may be getting a frantic phone call! You are amazing and look amazing!

  9. Clapping wildly; bravooo, bravo. Thank you for sharing this way cute skirt.


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