Wednesday, April 17, 2013

'Pop'ping Full of Fun Package

I've decided I'd like to be rich.
Nope, not to buy cars, mansions, or vacations...
but to do random acts of kindness!

I wish I could send fun packages like this every day!
I would send them to family members, old classmates, neighbors, etc.
Some I would send with a heartfelt note.  And it would be great to send some anonymously.

Oh man!  That would be the greatest!
I get a 'rush' off of things like this;)
 Here's a package I sent to one of my favorite families...just to let them know we were thinking of them:)

This box is full of things that you can 'pop':
*water balloons
*pop tarts
*'Pop-It' snap fireworks

And to top it off, there is a cheesy note that says, "Just POPping in to say we love you!"

 I like how it looked all packaged up---especially all that colorful bubblegum!
Think of all the great people that you'd like to 'pop' in on...just to let them know you care.

If you want to send a fun package like this, you can use this printable:

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