Friday, April 5, 2013

Parable of the Pillowcase

 I get to teach the CTR 7 class in church.
Seriously, it's the best calling---all of these kids are getting ready to be baptized!

I wanted to think of a fun & unique gift to give them on their special day,
and this is what I came up with!

I made this easy pillowcase using the tutorial here.
They are SO fun to make!
I found this great "I Love Primary" fabric in my stash,
but I just discovered a variety of LDS fabrics available on Spoonflower, too.

 I think the color and pattern combination is perfect for the sweet Primary children:)
You might think a pillowcase is a weird baptism gift, huh?
I wrote this fun "Parable of the Pillowcase" to include with the gift.
It's a poem that relates washing a pillowcase to repentance in our own lives.
I thought it was an analogy that 8-yr-olds could relate to.

I can't wait to give this gift!
 Here's a copy of the poem---
(for personal use only)


  1. I'm here from Sugardoodle.com's facebook page. I just wanted to leave an note saying how much i appreciate you sharing this idea. I think it's fantastic! Makes me wish i knew more 8 year olds. ;) But my oldest boy will be turning 8 next spring, so i may have to log this one away for later.

    Thank you for posting!

  2. Just pinned to Pinterst... :) Over from Sugardoodle. This is a great idea and will be perfect for my nephew! Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. I found this on Pinterest. Such a cute poem and great idea. I have already made my first one for an upcoming baptism. Thanks for much for sharing!!!

  4. This is too cute. Saw this on Sugardoodle. Where did you find the "I love Primary" fabric? I have never seen LDS fabric before. I am in Young Women's and would like to find something for them. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you.

    1. Nicole, I just had that darling fabric in my stash from a few years back & unfortunately I don't think they sell it anymore:( However, I typed in "LDS" on Spoonflower and a few different options popped-up. Here's the link:
      Spoonflower is pretty expensive! But another alternative would be to applique a CTR shield or temple silhouette...

  5. Nicole, I also tried Etsy:
    There are a couple of DARLING fabrics just for Young Women!!! Good luck:)

  6. Jani Jo
    Thank you very much for giving me the links.Your primary fabric is so cute. Thank you also for the links. I checked out spoonflower just a little bit out my budget range. I will try the Etsy link.

  7. This is adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Saw this and went and made it immediately for my little niece getting baptized tomorrow! Cutest idea ever- thanks for sharing :)

  9. We just iron CTR decals on a new white pillow case for the primary kid's baptism gift, and will be giving them a copy of this lovely poem that you have shared. We love the idea! Thank you so much for wonderful gift ideas!

  10. The poem prints in only size 11 print. Is there a way to make the print a bit larger?

  11. I love this parable. I was wondering if there's anyway you could change the font to make it darker. When printing it on regular white paper-the wording is barely noticeable and doesn't come out clear, just the title prints out nicely. It's hard to print to card stock paper since it doesn't show up well on regular white copy paper. Just a suggestion for those wanting to use it in the future. This is my 2nd time using this for baptism ideas and that would be my suggestion. Thanks for all you do and for sharing this wonderful story for the children.


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