Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Carrot Garland

Here is a copy of the tutorial I did last week for The Ribbon Retreat:)
Easter is this week!  
I have a project that is sure to lure the Easter Bunny to your home...
this darling Easter Carrot Garland!

Here's what you'll need:
All of these lovely products are available at The Ribbon Retreat:

The orange tic-tac fabric is "Life in the Jungle" by doohikey for Riley Blake.
The green striped fabric is "Mind your P's and Q's" by Keiki for Moda.
The ribbon is "Emerald with White Swiss Dot" in 3/8".

Click on the 'Carrot Pattern' and print:
Cut your carrots!
12 carrots =24 total pieces
 We're ready to sew!
Place two carrot pieces together...

   Use a 1/4" seam allowance...
Just to reiterate...

Now run to your desk and grab a pencil to help you stuff your carrot with batting.
No need to over-stuff; 
just use enough batting to make carrot full and fluffy.
You will need to decide how to finish your edges.
Clipped? or Pinking Sheared?
Both are darling:)

I chose clipped.
 Make all 12 carrots following the above steps.


Now it's time for the carrot stems!

Fold your fabric in half (to 9").

These clips will provide a guide for us to tear our 'shabby stems'.
Rip your 1" x 18" stems! 
You will need at least 24 stems.
Time to assemble our carrots!
 Give all 12 carrots their stems.
Clip or pinking shear the top seams.
Let's put this all together!

 I used 2 1/2 yards of ribbon for my actual garland. 
The knotted ends will help to hang on your mantle.
You are going to use your fabric 'stems' to attach carrots  to the ribbon garland.
Hang all 12 carrots on your garland!

With the remaining 2 1/2 yards of ribbon, I added these fun extra ribbon details!

1.  Cut ribbon to 6".
2.  Make a loop and place under garland.
3.  Place ends of ribbon through the loop. (around the garland)
4.  Pull to tighten.

Your garland is done!

This is a very simple, quick, & fun craft.  
Get social & recruit some help to 'stuff' the carrots and clip the edges!
Honestly, you can complete this project in an hour!

You're only one hour away from this:

It makes me happy to see a dozen carrots hanging from the mantle.
It definitely adds a punch of color and whimsy.
Thanks for looking at my tutorial for the Easter Carrot Garland.
The Easter Bunny will surely thanks you, too;)


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