Monday, March 11, 2013

Fruit Stripe Dress

Easter is right around the corner!
You know what that means: candy, bunnies, baskets, AND
This is my "Fruit Stripe Dress".  Do you remember Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum?
That catchy song always blasted during Saturday morning cartoons,
 "Yipes! Stripes!  Fruit Stripes Gum!  It's the yummy, fruity one.."
Anywho, the fabric for this dress reminds me of fruit stripe gum.  Big Whoop.

This fully-lined dress features a trendy, hi-low skirt...which I totally love:)

But this girly version is gathered with over 4 yards of fabric! (just in the skirt alone)
Maybe it will be so heavy my girl will be forced to sit still during church!
This pattern is Butterick #B5845.
 I've never done a drop-waist bodice before, but I like how it turned out.  
It reminds me of a ballerina:)

And then it has a simple zipper and classic tie in the back...

The pattern suggests a bulky bow/flower combination.
I wasn't completely sold.
So I did construct the bow with tails, but placed it on a pin so it is removable.

I usually try to make these optional because in Idaho you usually have to wear a sweater over Spring dresses;  bows & flowers just look lumpy under sweaters:(
Apparently the skirt construction is perfect for curtseys and dancing!
My girl loved to twirl & pick-up the sides.
She also thought the 'train' was like a brides'....precious.

I love the 'pop' of light yellow lining...
As I said earlier, the dress is fully-lined, so it lays & moves beautifully.
Here's a close-up of my thrifted fabric:
yum. fruit stripes:)
 And finally, how cute is the hem that shows from the long back skirt?!
 Overall, I am pleased with how this fun, springy Easter dress turned-out.
The pattern was somewhat challenging with some sizing issues and an 8-piece bodice (!), but I would totally use it again.
I am linking this to Amy's "Sew Off" at Nap Time Crafters!


  1. This is cute! Way to make it in under the wire!

    1. Thanks Barbie! I meant to enter something earlier, but we have a sweet newborn in our home. It was more tempting the baby than to snuggle than sew! :)

  2. Aww, she looks like she feels like a princess in that dress! Great work! xx

    1. She really does think she's a princess & insists on wearing skirts/dresses daily:) Thanks for your kind words Samantha!


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