Monday, November 25, 2013

Ribbon Turkey Tutorial

 I am always SO happy to be a guest on The Ribbon Retreat blog!
Today I am sharing a tutorial for a darling "Ribbon Turkey" to place on your little turkey's onesie or T-shirt!

All of my materials are from The Ribbon Retreat:

*1/4 yard of Hooty Hoot, Brown Hoot Dots flannel
*T-shirt or onesie

Print pattern below, or trace your own turkey 'body'.


 If you are placing your Ribbon Turkey on the back, there is no need for a turkey 'face', since it's like looking at the back view of a turkey.  

I opted to put my turkey on the Center Front, so I added a simple face.

 Once you pin your turkey in place & are ready to sew it onto the actual onesie,
 I recommend using a basting stitch.  

This allows you to easily remove the 'turkey' after Thanksgiving;
 your onesie is left unscathed!

Keep the turkey to baste onto a bigger T-shirt for the NEXT Thanksgiving!

 Your Turkey Ribbon shirt is ready for your own tiny 'turkey'!
This will be perfect for the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving!

The directions for a matching Turkey Ribbon Pin are basically the same.
 Use the pattern provided to cut your fabric.
Cut 3" pieces of ribbon, instead of 6".
Because of the tiny loops, I found it helpful to stitch my layers of ribbon 
before sandwiching all materials together.

I think this pin would look great affixed to your favorite fluffy scarf!
It would be a perfect project to use your ribbon scraps, too!

I hope all of you will enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving shared with your loved ones!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

Halloween is right around the corner and the kids are READY!
Trick or Treat!

My 3 girls are all of the bug variety--- a monarch butterfly, bumble bee, & lady bug!

I made tutus using tulle from The Ribbon Retreat.  Obviously tutus are not a 'new' costume idea, but I made these with added 'ties' throughout the skirt.  To achieve this 'effect', simply tie tulle around an elastic waist, as you would for any basic tutu.  

Then cut 2"x6" pieces of tulle to tie intermittently throughout the skirt. I did a square knot.

 This is an easy technique with a BIG impact.  It makes the tutu EXTRA fluffy & adds splashes of color, too!  I loved how they turned out.

I also made their their head-pieces.

The younger two sported TRR's Marabou Puffs, with pipe cleaners & Styrofoam balls attached as antennae.

For my oldest girl's antennae, I made two orange/white polka dot bows & then attached the ball-topped pipe cleaners.
For the girls' wings, I bought all of them at the Dollar Store.  Then I used some black spray paint to add spots for Miss Lady Bug & Monarch Butterfly.  For my Bumble Bee, I just spray painted the entire set of wings.  This saved me SO much money!!!  Only $3 for 3 pairs, as opposed to $8.95 for the butterfly's alone!
Don't you love the knots of black tulle in her tutu? I do :)
One other thing that I love about these costumes, is that they are WARM!  
Temps are supposed to be low tomorrow night, so the leggings & long-sleeve shirts will be perfect :)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ghost Cake Pops

Since today is the first day of October, I just wanted to share these ghost-inspired cake pops!

They were simple  to create:
*follow normal cake pop recipe/instructions
*dip in white chocolate melts
*BEFORE white chocolate sets, add 2 black pieces of 'confetti' decor for eyes
and 1 chocolate chip for the mouth 

 Put some 'costumes' on these spooky guests by adding an orange ribbon to your cellophane bag!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Pocketed Bed Runner

I did this tutorial for The Ribbon Retreat's amazing 'Boy Series'...
 Oh boy!  I am so happy to share a project I made for MY BOY!

My sweet son is always stashing things away in his pockets, bookbag, etc.
So why not give him a spot to keep his books, legos, and toys at bedtime?

Here is what you will need to make a twin-size, quilted bed runner with pockets!
 I chose a medium chevron from Riley Blake in the color "Boy".  (appropriate, eh?)
 Sew the smaller pieces to either end of the larger piece...
Set the backing aside and pull out your 'Little Fattie" pack.
I used Riley Blake's "One For the Boys".

Choose five coordinating fat squares to use and cut EACH as shown below...
 Play with the quilt pieces until you come up with a pattern you are pleased with.

 Come up with a pattern to actually "quilt" all three layers together.
I did a larger chevron pattern to stitch.
 It's time to use your bias tape; mine is in 'navy'.
 You will now iron your tape, as follows:
 You will start by applying bias tape to the short edges of the bed runner...
 Sew right by the edge to finish tape.

 You are almost done!  
Finish by applying the bias tape to both long edges of the bed runner.
This will 'seal' the edge and form the pocket!

That's the last step!  Your quilted bed runner is done.
I LOVE the patterned whimsy that this adds to my little fella's bed:)
 And who can resist the coziness of anything quilted?
Not me!
 The backing is equally adorable!

 It didn't take long for my boy to feel the pockets with books, legos, chapstick, 
& even a rock collection!
(How long do you think until I find candy in there?! )
I am by NO MEANS a quilter, but I really enjoyed this beginning quilting project.

Hooray for all the boys in our lives!  
Make this project for your sweet boy and see what 'treasures' he stows away in the pocketed bed runner.