Friday, July 20, 2012

Rah-Rah Skirt Tutorial

 Some of my high school career was spent as a cheerleader; or as we said, "Rah Rahs"!

I wanted to make a skirt for my 'peppy' 3-yr-old and constructed this simple pleated skirt 
that is so quick & fun to make, you will shout, "Go Fight Win"!

Start by cutting some slightly angled strips.
I didn't worry too much about width, but I came up with the length by adding 3" to the desired finished length. (2" for waistband and 1" for hem).

Cut enough strips that the width X strips= >waist size.
 Sew those angled strips together.
I did two red, then 1 blue---repeat.
This pattern works best to showcase the pleats, as you'll see in a minute.
 Leave the panel flat at this point, this will make it easier to form your pleats.
You can sew the two ends together later.
I promise it WILL end up looking like a skirt eventually:)
 Straighten up the waistband & hemline by trimming off the excess fabric.
 Now you need to decide how far down from the waistband that you want your pleats to start.
It's all personal preference really.
I wanted a lot of the contrast/blue fabric to show, so I only went down 6". 
(Keep in mind that you will still subtract 2" for the waistband.)

Mark your measurement clearly.

 Now you will be matching the markings together; this will essentially "hide" your contrast fabric by matching up the two red seams.
Place a pin where you want your pleat to stop so you know where to stop sewing.
 Once you have sewn down to the pin, you are going to press open your pleat.
You could also trim off the excess fabric, but I like the weight of having the extra fabric at the waistband.
 Repeat the steps and press all pleats flat.

 Make a stitch to secure the pleats. 
 This stitch also shows on the outside of the skirt.

 You also want to baste the top of the waistband, so as to hold the pleats in place.
At this point, you can sew the two last panels together---forming your skirt!
 Double fold and press to form your waistband.
Sew down, leaving a 1" opening to thread elastic.

 Once your waistband is completed, press and sew your hemline.
This is what the skirt will look like from the inside.
This is the darling skirt on my "cheery" model:)

I love that the pleats give such a full skirt!
Lots of movement for cheering on the fans.

 And, of course, this girl has LOTS of fans:)
The skirt really did look great paired with her faux applique t-shirt.
Try this "rah-rah" skirt out for you little sweetheart. 
Or for yourself!

Yep, that makes me cheer:)

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