Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mad Hatter Birthday Tea Party

Who doesn't love the whimsy & fun of a Mad Hatter Tea Party?
My dear friend Amanda took the theme to a beautiful extreme 
for her daughter, Chloe's, twelfth birthday party.

And I, luckily, got to take some photos of the amazing event:)
When I look at the picture above, I seriously want to jump into that Wonderland and live there forever!
 Darling signs that said "Yonder", "Wonderland", "Tea Party", etc. lined the long driveway...inviting guests to enter into the magical backyard setting.
 Amanda specializes in the details; that's what makes her such an amazing hostess!
Just check out the assortment of glass jars filled with candy.
That's a 12-yr-old girl's dream!
 The tea party was set on the walk-out basement patio.
Such a great use of the deck rafters above!
 The table was gracefully adorned with both colorful ornaments and tasty food!
 The Mad Hatter's hat as the centerpiece took my breath away!

I also love the over-sized pocket watch and the real potted flowers.

 The personalized invitation and these elegant printables were purchased from this Etsy shop.

 Great mismatch of colors, lanterns, pom-poms, and pennants.

 The crocheted white doilies dressed-up the back of basic chairs.
Super smart & economical!

 Amanda got the two golden velvet chairs that flanked the table ends from a YARD SALE!
She also collected the tea cups, saucers, & embroidered doilies from yard sales & estate sales.

So prim & prissy I could cry tears of joy:)
 Fun-colored cake pops.
 Wonderfully wrapped cupcakes.
 And even a special guest appearance by the Cheshire Cat in the gift area:)

Every detail of this Mad Hatter Tea Party was beautifully executed 
and I am so happy I got to participate!

How lucky am I to have such a talented & inspirational friend like Amanda?!

Thanks for letting me witness this happy Wonderland!

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