Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Digital Scrapbooking Series Tip #2

Another thing I eventually learned with digital scrapbooking, is to use templates.


Templates are the perfect jump-off point for beautiful layouts.
Templates are merely a digital layered sketch of what your LO could be.
A blank canvas for you to embellish:)

Here's an example of a template:

And here is the resulting layout:

See how I copied the basic "idea" of the LO but switched and added some embellishments?
The best part of templates is that you can quickly create & FINISH a page.
Typically in less than an HOUR!!!

Here is a great tutorial on how to use templates in 
Photoshop Elements (PSE).

***Sidenote***I think PSE is the most user-friendly program for beginners.
Plus, there are TONS of tutorials & videos on how to utilize PSE.
You can download a free PSE trial here.

Finally, here are a list of websites that have some fantastic free templates to download:

That should keep you busy for awhile!

But you will be amazed at how many pages come up 
on a Google search for "free digital scrapbooking templates"!

So there it is.

Utilize (and then re-utilitze!) the power and simplicity of templates!
Great result with limited effort!

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