Tuesday, June 5, 2012


It's become an annual tradition.
One that my son looks forward to every summer.

We make & then ERUPT a VOLCANO!
 We used this salt dough recipe and put a bit of black food coloring in it.
In years past, we've painted the dough after it dried---but this saved us a step:)
 The kids formed their volcano around an empty water bottle.
I typically keep the lid on so that we don't accidentally cover the 'mouth of the volcano'.

What's the fun of a fake volcano that can't erupt?!

We let the volcano sit out in the hot sun for a few hours to dry---
 Gather your supplies: volcano, baking soda, and red-dyed vinegar.
 First add the vinegar...
 Then add the baking soda....
 And watch it erupt!

Be forewarned that your kids will want to do this over. And over. And over again!

In fact last year the kids made us keep it for over a week!
We even used it as a centerpiece for a Hawaiian Luau we hosted:)

It was a pretty stinky centerpiece:(
Like I said, this is an annual project.

Maybe next year we'll dive into the scientific reactions between vinegar and baking soda.
About how they produce the carbon dioxide gas which causes bubbles! (if I remember my 6th Grade Science Class)

Maybe I should brush-up on my science knowledge before next year...

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