Monday, June 4, 2012

Spray Bottle Bleach Shirts

Under the Sycamore by AshleyAnn was one of the first blogs I started to follow religiously:)
Her photos totally "suck you in".
Plus she's a cute & fun mom that does great things with her kids.
 A couple of years ago she had this great post of bleaching shirts with water guns!
At the time, my kids seemed a bit too young for this super activity, but this summer they're all ready!!
 The great part about this activity, is that it requires VERY little preparation.
Get a new or old solid t-shirt, put a plastic grocery sack in the middle, and then hang on a clothesline or rope.
 We used a leftover squirt bottle filled with bleach to fashion our shirts:)
I used just straight bleach.

Then just let your kids go crazy on their shirts!
Make sure to do the front and back:)
 The older ones had fun going back and forth between the "spray" and "stream" options on the nozzle.
 Make sure the kids ONLY spray on the shirts!!!
It's bleach after all.

Little Miss D. unintentionally gave herself a matching bleached skirt to match her t-shirt;)
 Here's how they turned out!

They're each so different & fun!
The yellow T-shirt didn't turn out extremely noticeable, so I wouldn't recommend that color.
But the blue & red worked great!

In fact, I HAD to join in the fun & make my OWN custom T-shirt, too.

                                                                   It really was fun!!!

This was such a great outdoor activity.  The kids loved watching their designs 'appear'.

I think this would be a fun way to do shirts for Girls Camp!
Or to make a custom gift!
Will YOU try it?

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