Friday, June 22, 2012

Shrunken Apple Heads!

I remember a fantastic craft my mom let us do when we were little kids:
Ideally, I think this would be great in the fall when you have excess apples falling off your trees, but we didn't want to wait that long!
 Have the parent peel the skins off the apples...
 Then hand the kids butter knives and let them start carving a face into their apples:)
 All the extra 'knicks' and 'bumps' add character!
 My 3-yr-old took lots of enjoyment in the fact that I was letting her
 (encouraging her) to cut with a knife...yikes!
 Make sure to eat the parts you carve off!
 I put our apples on bamboo skewers and wrote the kids' names on the end
so we would know "whose was whose".
We set the apples out on our back patio table to let the sun start the shriveling process!

Then we waited SEVEN whole DAYS!
It seemed like an eternity to the kids,
but they made sure to check the shrinking progress every day:)
Finally, today, we brought in our Shrunken Apple Heads!

I drew some cartoon clothes on cardstock, the kids colored them, & then cut them out.
I used a hole-punch at the top & bottom, and we skewered on our apples' wardrobe:)
 They really come to life!
No really, the kids couldn't keep them still:)
 They truly have their own personalities!

The kids convinced me to draw some more outfits
to make their apple heads into an astronaut, a ballerina, & a surfer.

So do you have apples that are already bruised or past-their-prime?
Don't toss 'em, SHRINK 'EM!

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