Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt

My kids love to be outside, so I thought it'd be fun to have them do an 
Outdoor Photo Scavenger Hunt.

I thought of a list of 17 things I knew they could find at our house.
Some were straightforward.
Others they had to use a little creativity:)
 Here they are ready to start 'the hunt'!
The only supplies needed were: a printed list of things to find and my cell phone to take pictures with:)

Here's the list that we used.
Feel free to use it!
 And here's some of the pics they took!

A yellow flower---
 A circle---
 An animal---
 The letter 'S'--- (ingeniously made from the garden hose!)
It took them about 30-45 minutes to get everything on their checklist!
It was a great way for the older boys to practice reading and a fun way for them to cooperate and communicate!

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