Thursday, June 14, 2012

Mustache Cake Pops

Just in time for Father's Day!
I came across this impressive idea of mustache cake pops in preparations for a friend's Mustache Bash this past weekend.
I wanted something similar, but a bit more 'cartoony'.

Yep, I apparently hang around kids all day, because I prefer cartoon over realistic:)

 Make your basic cake pop filling based on Bakerella's instructions.
I used a chocolate cake mix and chocolate fudge frosting:)
 Start with a ball...
 Roll it out into a short 'snake'....
 Flatten the ends and the top....
 Pinch the center...
 Pinch and curve the ends to form your mustache!
 I did all of mine a bit different and it was so fun!
I will say that the shorter/stouter mustaches were much easier to dip & handle.
 Dip in chocolate melts and let cool.
I immediately laid them on wax paper because they were too heavy to cool standing up.
However, next time I will let them cool on a cooling rack to let the excess chocolate drip through.
 This is what I ended up with.
It looks a bit messy, huh?
To remedy,simply snap off the excess chocolate and 
re-dip to give it a smooth outer shell!

Aren't they so cute?!

And I guarantee you they're tasty....
how else do you think my hubby was bribed into taking this picture?!  
I "mustache" you to whip up a batch of these silly mustaches cake pops for the favorite dads in YOUR life!

And if you do, here's a free printable Father's Day card!
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