Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Monster Plush Toys

I woke up this morning with the need to sew.
My kids had other plans....including going to the store to get new toys.

We compromised.
AND worked together to make these
Monster Plush Toys!
Supplies You Will Need:
fabric scraps (cotton & flannel)
 Start by having the kids cut out the main body out of the flannel or cotton.
 Then have them cut out teeth, arms, legs, eyes, horns, etc.
Plus make some hair made out of yarn:)
 WARNING: This might take awhile!
My kids kept thinking/imagining of more ideas for their silly monsters:)
I sewed on the facial characteristics.

**I did attempt to teach the 7-yr-olds to sew on the button eyes....unsuccessfully.
Better luck next time.**

Then I put right-sides-together and sandwiched the hair, arms, legs, horns in the middle.
I sewed the perimeter and left a 1.5" opening to allow for stuffing.
Turn right-side-out.

I think this was the kids' favorite part!
They stuffed. And stuffed. And stuffed.

In fact, I had to un-stuff them a little bit to sew the opening:)
These are THE cutest, most non-threatening monsters EVER!
 The kids are crazy about them:)
 And just LOOK at all of the details!
So much individuality and personality!
 I love this monster's "claws"!
Pretty ferocious, huh?!
Ferocious enough to keep away the other monsters at night:)
I'm positive the kids will talk me into this again!
We ALL had such a great time!

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