Friday, June 8, 2012

Cereal Box Tote

Here's a fun re-purposing kid craft that I did a couple years ago.

A Craft Flashback:)

I originally found the idea on the Family Fun website.
 Supplies: empty cereal box, scrap pieces of paper, Mod Podge, foam brush.

I always hate throwing away those cute bits of scrapbook paper or wrapping paper.
Perhaps I have 'hoarder' tendencies....
But this craft utilizes all those bright patterned papers!

It's great for little ones who can't use scissors yet, because the torn paper gives these totes a great look:)
It's amazing how much a little child can fit inside their OWN custom cereal box tote.
It's a fun place to keep pencils, crayons, & coloring books!

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