Monday, May 14, 2012

Valance Apron

One of my terrible habits is buying things I don't need...merely because they're on sale:)
For instance, I saw this darling curtain on clearance at WalMart and bought it without even thinking!

Luckily, I came up with a good project to soothe my "buyer's remorse".  
(I know, remorse for my $1.87...pathetic)
 I cut this 'Better Homes & Gardens' valance in half to approximately 26".  The length is 15".
 Then I pressed and finished the raw edges to mimic the other side.
Just be sure to keep the casings open, so you can thread your waist tie.

Super easy!  It only took 5 minutes, literally!
I used 2 yards of a 1 1/2" moonstitch ribbon.
I threaded the ribbon through the top valance casing to result in the "tie" for my apron.
Repeat the steps for the other half of the curtain----two aprons for <$2!

I think this valance apron is especially cute with the built-in "pick-up" ties.
Kinda' flirty, huh?
Well, as flirty as gingham gets:)
I think this would be cute paired with my favorite cookbook for a bridal shower or birthday gift!

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