Thursday, May 24, 2012

Summer Hair

Here's my philosphy on "summer hair":
Try to get 2-3 days out of one style!
Being a SAHM, I don't have to look 'styled'...but I prefer to not look haphazard!!!

So the 1st day, with wet hair, I spritz with some styling gel.
I pull back my hair in tight twists or braids.
The 2nd day, I try to utilize the 'stray' tendrils that slipped out---think BohoChic ala' Nicole Richie.

And if possible, the 3rd day I let down my hair and scrunch the resulting beachy waves.

I like to add a fun headband or sash when my hair is pulled-back so it doesn't look so "severe".
This darling sash is Vera Bradley, and reversible.
And I like to tie it on the side:)
What's your favorite "summer hair-dos"?

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