Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Summer Calendar

Summer is HERE!
And I am determined to get the most out of our 84 days of Summer Vacation!
I made these fun summer calendars that have at least ONE new activity a day.
While I was making the calendars, I made sure to include family reunions, playdates, baseball games, & swim lessons.  That alone makes for a busy summer, but I wanted one "special' event for the day...the little things that make summer so memorable!
It turned out that Mondays are mainly Crafts, Wednesdays are Field Trips, and Thursdays are Science Projects.
I also tried to think of things that would appeal to my kids' ages, gender, & attention span....I'll let you know how effective I was:)
I gleaned ideas from all of the darling Summer Bucket Lists available online.
(Some cute ones are here and here and here)
There are some FANTASTIC moms & dads out there who are doing some totally fun things with their families!
I want to be one of 'em.
Kind of like you want to be part of the "cool kids" group.
But in this case, peer pressure is a good thing:)
I posted the calendars in my kitchen where the kids can see them.
They are already SO excited and will say things like, "I can't wait until June 29th" or "July 11th will be so fun!"
It's great hearing their eagerness to do ALL of these activities.

The one thing that I prefer about the calendar, as opposed to a bucket list, is that it will hold ME to it.
If it says we are going to make puppets on Monday, we WILL make puppets Monday.
I am such a flaky girl that if I had one big checklist, we would be doing 40+ activities the day before school starts in August, LOL!

Finally, I purchased this DARLING calendar template from the ShabbyShoppe.
In my opinion they are the cutest source for digital scrapbooking supplies!
At least for my scrapbooking taste:)

If you would like a list of the summer activities we have planned, leave a comment & I will email you:)

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  1. I absolutely love this idea!!! I need to organize my life to fit in the cool crowd summer fun ;) thanks for sharing such a great idea!!! I would love ideas to do. thanks for an amazing blog!!!!


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