Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Rachel Panini Recipe

Let me start by saying I do not know how to take 'food' photos.
You know how some people can photograph chocolate-dipped grasshoppers and make them look tempting?!
That's not me.

But I AM a good panini-eater:)

This is one of my favorite sandwich recipes and I have to share!
It's great for summer when you don't want to do "real" cooking like turning on your oven:)
sourdough bread, coleslaw, provolone cheese, sliced turkey
 Now this next part is kind of tricky.
Put the cheese on one slice of bread, and put the turkey & coleslaw on the other.

I like to sandwich the coleslaw in between the turkey & cheese so the bread doesn't get mushy.
See, pretty technical.
 Heat-up your George Foreman grill & cook for approximately 4-5 minutes....just until you see those golden, crispy lines:)
I loved to buy these paninis at the local Ukrops grocery store when I lived in Virginia.
They always paired it with a dill pickle, which I definitely recommend:)

It's easy!
Try it!

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