Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pintuck Skirt

 I recently saw a skirt at Sams Club that I LOVED!
It was a simple black A-line skirt with pintucks spaced throughout.
Why didn't I buy that?!  
I could just kick myself:(
 I tried my own variation using this gifted cream/black paisley cotton.
I cut two A-line pieces, a front & back.
Plus two waistband pieces (approximately 3" wide).

I would like to note that this is more of a technique than anything.
If you have a skirt pattern you love, simply add on 1" on either side when cutting.

Moving on:)
 Since I wanted an A-line skirt, I also wanted my pintucks to follow a slight flare/angle.
I spaced my pintucks 3" at the top and angled out to 4" at the bottom.

This pic represents pintuck placement.
 To form the pintuck, simply fold and press along the above lines.
Then, use the 1/8" marking on your sewing machine to create this narrow pleat.

 Then repeat this process to create all of your mini pleats, front AND back:)
Aren't those rows of pintucks ADORABLE?!
I think this is such a simple technique, but it makes a big impact!

Plus, I think the vertical lines in the skirt give a slimming illusion---
at least that's what I tell myself.
When you are finished with all of your pintucks, sew the skirt front & back together at side seams.
Finish with your preferred waistband.

I used the Back Elastic technique, that I will show tomorrow:)


Thanks for your support!