Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One-Step Ombre Frosting

You should definitely go see what it's all about---they always have the best photos & explanations!

Using their instructions, I came up with this One-Step Ombre Frosting.
Here's what I did:
 Three shades of pink Wilton buttercream frosting...
 Fold and twist into Saran Wrap as directed on Our Best Bites...
Stuff into piping bag.  Or if you're cheap, like me, just use a gallon size Ziploc:)
 Trip off the excess cling wrap to begin piping...
 Wow!  That's A LOT of frosting!
This should count as your weight-lifting for the day...
 Pipe onto your cake or cupcake.
I used a big star tip and piped from the outside--in, and...
 it ended up reminding me of a flower!
So I cut up some metallic cardstock leaves:)

Can you see how beautifully the THREE shades of frosting 'melt' together?
They are simply stunning in real life.
 How darling (and delicious-looking) are these sweet flower cupcakes?!
I baked mostly mini cupcakes and they were the sweetest treat ever---to look at AND to taste:)
 Wouldn't these be beautiful for a bridal or baby shower in yellows, pinks, purples, etc...
A garden of tasty "flowers"!

Now who do I know getting married or having a baby so I can try this out...


  1. These are so yummy looking it's painful.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I had read that tip from our best bites n forgotten it ;) thanks for the reminder. Absolutely gorgeous!!!


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