Monday, May 21, 2012

Laundry Bag Graduation Gift/Applique Tutorial

It's the time of year for Graduation Gifts.
I always go back-&-forth between wanting to do something thoughtful/personalized or 'just' money.

Seriously, what college-bound kid doesn't want money?!

But this year I went for personalized:)
I decided to give an appliqued laundry bag.
I bought the laundry bag below at Fred Meyer for $6.
You could easily make this muslin sack, but I was running out of time...
 Appliques are a SUPER way to use up your fabric scraps!
I know that this particular graduate loves purple, so out came the purple hues:)
 I printed out her name in block-letters from a Word document.
 Then for each letter you will need 3 things:  
*the block letter
*the fabric scrap (ironed)
*a piece of ironable, double-sided heat bond
 Here's a picture of all the letters, fabrics, and heat bond cut-out.
Next, you will iron on the heat/bond to the 'wrong' side of all your fabric scraps.
Leave the paper-backing on for now.
It will help keep the fabric stiff while you cut it out.

The easiest way to cut out the letters is to pin your paper to the 'right' side of your fabric (with the heat bond applied to the back).
The pins will help keep the letter template in place.
 Cut out all of your fabric letters.
 Here's all of my happy, purple letters cut out:)
 Now is the time to take off the paper-backing....

 Arrange your letters where you want them placed on the laundry bag.
Iron them in place!
Make sure to press around every part of the applique' to ensure a good "seal".
After the letters are ironed into place, you are going to reinforce the bond by stitching...
plus it gives such a darling finish.
I used a dark purple thread for contrast and did a simple straight stitch.
You can also use a tight zig-zag to mimic a "real" applique; 
but I thought that if a little fraying occurred, it might be cute on a laundry bag. 
The laundry bag is finished!
I must say, I love how it turned out.
Maybe it's because I have a unique name, but I LOVE personalized gifts.

I still catch myself trying to find my name on those silly personalized keychains at gas stations;
because I apparently think that would make me happy, LOL!!!

I think I'll make myself a laundry bag instead....
I packaged the laundry bag with a fun tag I made and wrapped it around a box of Purex laundry sheets.
 It turned out to be a wonderful graduation gift!
One that I was so excited to GIVE;
and one that she was so happy to GET!

I think this would even be a fun gift for graduates to give their friends!
And very cost-effective, too.  The gift was $11 including the Purex sheets.

Maybe next year I will try a freezer-paper stencil on the laundry bag....

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