Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Embellished Skirts

I am SO excited to share this post for CrafterHours "Skirt Week"!

When I first started sewing, I did very BASIC clothing---almost primitive.
But I soon found that "basic" could be "beautiful" with some simple embellihsments!
So, this post shows THREE simple ways to embellish a BASIC SKIRT!

Enter: Basic Skirt
Slight A-Line w/Elastic Waist
I was lucky enough to have The Ribbon Retreat provide ALL the embellishments for these projects!
A bag full of ric-rac, grosgrain ribbon, and moonstitch ribbon!
Thank you Ribbon Retreat!

First is a double-row of Ric-Rac!
I just love how ric-rac makes everything look playful and hand-crafted.
This skirt addition doesn't take much explaining---
just make sure to mark your placement before pinning & sewing into place.
This simple step will ensure the ric-rac is 'level' all the way around the skirt.
I always heat-seal the ends of ric-rac with a lighter to prevent fraying, just like with ribbon.
Moving on, the next skirt is a great play on the popular pick-ups in skirts.
I'm calling this embellishment: Ribbon Tabs
My daughter has been on a kick lately of ONLY wearing skirts or dresses---a true princess.
This ribboned-addition lets her feel dressed-up in what mom considers a "play" skirt...
I'm not afraid to let her wear it to the playground.

I cut 4 strips of 6" length of moonstitch ribbon.

Then I heat-sealed the ends with a lighter, and folded under either end 1/4" and pressed.
This fold will hide the ends to give a neat look.
I decided where to place the ribbon tabs and measured up 5" from the hem---this is what will give the skirt its' scallops or pick-ups. 
Make sure to line up the front & back of the ribbon so that when you sew horizontally at the base of the tab, you catch both the outside & inside.
Finally, I made a basic bow & hand-sewed it into place.
Your Ribbon Tab Skirt is done!

This last skirt was the "hardest" of the three....and it only took 20 minutes to embellish!
LOL, not much of a challenge, huh?!
I call this a Ribbon Weave.
I used this darling red grosgrain that is 1 1/2" wide.
I used the automatic button-hole attachment on my sewing machine;
I used my ruler to mark the button hole placement...

I marked 3" from the previous hole and then placed the next two holes 1" apart.
Then repeat for the rest of the skirt. 

*Note:  The 3" length can be switched to whatever suits the circumference of your skirt--
make it an easily divisible number.

Weave your ribbon through the button holes.
Heat-seal the ends of the ribbon and fold under prior to sewing the ribbon to the skirt at the seam(s).
At the center of the skirt I made an extra button hole to weave my bow through.
If you choose to not go with a bow, this extra button hole in the center is not necessary.
Tie a simple knotted bow and weave the tails through the center button holes.
Hand-sew the bow into place, and your Ribbon Weave skirt is complete!

I love each of these skirts---they are very playful, fun, wearable, & EASY!

Even though I demonstrated these embellishments on skirts for girls, 
they could TOTALLY be translated into an adult version!

I, myself, would love to have 5 layers of ric-rac on a solid skirt....
Or pair the tabbed skirt with a lace underskirt peeking out....
Or even pick a fun summer print and weave ribbon, sans bow...
 Go ahead!  
Step from BASIC into BEAUTIFUL!
Ok, you get the idea...
Whether you try one of these techniques, or you're already dreaming of some on your own, remember...embellishments are a great way to dress-up ANY skirt!


  1. Such cute girls! I love your embellishments! I am totally wondering if I can pull off a ric- rac skirt .......maybe I should just stick to making one for my grand daughter.

  2. These skirts are so cute (as are your girls)! I love the ric-rac detailing especially.


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