Monday, March 5, 2012

Whimsy Couture's Reversible Jacket

 Last fall I tried this amazing pattern by Whimsy Couture.
It seriously was SO simple, easy to follow, and as you can see, had a great result!
This awesome pattern ranges in size from 12 mo-12 slim!!!

So I made one for each of my little chicks!
I love that they're reversible.
The brown corduroy was perfect to sport last Fall.
And now that the weather is changing to Spring, I love the light blue.
 I love how Whimsy Couture has the back dip down lower than the front; such a great detail.
 And I also love how the sleeves are cut extra long---to allow for the contrast when rolled up:)

 I definitely am a fan of this pattern & have my eye on a few more over at Whimsy Couture...
namely the A-line Tunic & Dress.  (which is also reversible).
Yep, I think Baby L. would look mighty cute in that A-line.
Of course, what wouldn't look cute on this sweet girl....

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  1. Love the jackets!! Thank you for posting my link on your blog!!


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