Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Tree

Growing up, I remember making these beautiful tissue-paper branches with my Grandma.
It was such a simple project, easy to do with kids, and made with supplies she had on hand.
Well, this Easter my sister & I decided to replicate these beautiful branches from our past:)

I liked using the light & dark tissue paper from the same hue: pinks, teals, yellow/orange, and purples....
Although pretty self-explanatory, here's a couple of instructions:

I think the hardest part about this project, was knowing when to STOP.  
I wanted to keep making flowers all day!  
They just make me happy looking at them!
Chances are you have some fallen branches from the winter storms....
And chances are you have some tissue paper stashed in your gift-wrapping drawer...

And chances are you will LOVE your Spring Tree(s) like me!!!


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