Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I had the chance of posting over at THE RIBBON RETREAT blog today!
How exciting!  I love how this project turned out:)

  Hello Ribbon Retreat readers!  I'm JaniJo and I am thrilled to share a fun project with you today...made entirely from beautiful products available at The Ribbon Retreat (based in my hometown!)

 If you have browsed (a.k.a. drooled) over the ribbon selections available from The Ribbon Retreat online, you will recognize my use of one of their convenient Mixes.   Mixes are pre-packaged groups of coordinating ribbon; they are perfect for hair bows, skirt trim, purse embellishments, or in today's case....
a Spring-inspired table runner!!!
 So let's get started!

For my Spring-inspired table runner, I used:
*1 1/2 yards of 'Essential Dots' fabric in Baby Pink
*1 'Easter Surprise' Ribbon Mix
*Stitch Witchery --fusible bonding web tape
Cut your fabric to your desired dimensions.
I cut mine 54"x30".  
I then folded the fabric in half to have a finished runner dimension of 54"x15".

The double-thickness of the table runner allows it to lay nicely:) 
With right sides together, sew around the three open sides, 
making sure to leave a 4"-6" to opening... in order to turn right-side-out.
Next, turn right-side-out and push-out the corners using a pencil or bamboo skewer.  
Iron well!!!!
Top Stitch around the entire table runner in order to close your small opening, 
and to prevent any shifting of the fabric layers.
Iron all of your ribbon pieces so that they will lay flat when attaching to the runner.
Next comes the fun part....
Decide on where you want to place your ribbon!

I chose to alternate the widths & patterns with a 2" spacing. 
Mark your lines for placement.
This is where the Stitch Witchery comes in handy!
Lay a line of the Stitch Witchery under the ribbon-(following your marked lines)-and then iron in place.
This will help keep your ribbon in place while stitching it down!
Although you can do w/out the Stitch Witchery, it makes life SO much easier!!!
If you'll notice in the finished table runner, I kept the wider ribbons long as 'tassels',
but I finished the narrow ribbon to match the table runner edge.
I heat sealed the raw edge (w/a lighter) and then folded under before sewing in place.
This provides a neat, finished look.
Finally, you will sew ALL of your ribbon lengths in place!!!

For the wider ribbons, I sewed 1/8" in, on both sides, to secure. 
For the narrow ribbons, I sewed straight down the center.
To complete our ribbon 'tassels', I folded the finished runner in half and trimmed to the same length. (9") 
This will ensure that the same length of ribbon will be hanging on either end of the runner.

Iron the entire table runner.
Last step: heat seal the ribbon's raw edges ends to prevent fraying.

Your beautiful Ribbon Table Runner is DONE!

Enjoy displaying this beauty in your home and bringing Springtime indoors! 
 Think of all the other possible variations for this project: seasons, holidays, bridal shower themes, 
bright birthday colors, etc.  
I also think this would be darling using The Ribbon Retreat's selection of Ric-Rac...
different colors & widths...
that would be uncontrollably CUTE!

Thanks for joining me today in making our Ribbon Table Runner!
Go check-out the amazing selection of coordinating 'mixes' at The Ribbon Retreat, and while you're at it, 
I would love for you to come check-out my other handmade projects I'm featuring over at JaniJo.
Happy Spring!

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