Monday, March 5, 2012

Family Rules Sign

There's all sorts of these 'Family Rules' signs around.
Can I just say I LOVE the idea of this.
We all have "rules" that pertain to our homes, right?
The things we feel are important to teach our kids & wish we could tattoo onto their arms so that they NEVER FORGET!!!
Well, that would be a little extreme, so instead, I made this sign:)
But I still hope they won't forget...

This is how our cabinets were arranged when we moved into our current house.
I had no need for those glass display cabinets.
Nothing pretty/fancy to show-off.
Plus, I didn't like how it cut the view into the dining area.
So my handy hubby removed them for me & I somehow convinced him to save/store the old cabinets.

 Fast forward 3 years and I finally got around to using the cabinet door as the frame for my "Family Rules".
I took out the glass, sanded down some areas where the hardware was, & spray painted the whole frame a glossy dark red.

Then came the HARDEST part of the whole project.
Actually writing the 'rules'.
I had SO many I wanted to include....I must be a nagging mother:(
But I narrowed down the list & printed them off onto various solid & patterned papers.

To assemble, I laid the rules in the order I wanted them to appear and used spray adhesive to layer them onto a piece of 1/4"paneling (cut the same dimensions as the glass that used to be in the cabinet). 

 Be careful when you're using the spray adhesive to do a LIGHT overall coat. (NOT like the obvious mark in the picture below).  
 Anywho, I just glued & layered until I reached the bottom.  Obviously I would recommend doing a trial run to make sure they will all fit how you envision before permanently gluing them down.

 I used the matte ModPodge and covered my entire project with 3 thin layers to avoid bubbling.
I let the whole thing dry for 24 hours before placing in that stellar red frame.
 I truly love how this turned out!
It's colorful & happy & inexpensive.
 Plus, it's pretty great that my kids quote 'the rules' to eachother.  
Makes my job easier if they keep one another accountable, hahaha!
**I would definitely recommend using cardstock-weight paper.  It is much easier to work with the spray adhesive & the ModPodge.

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