Saturday, February 25, 2012

Valentine's Day Milk Maid Skirt

We all have our favorite blogs that we have to check on regularly, and one of my top faves is CrafterHours.
Adrianna & Susan always have practical, but entirely inspirational projects & ideas.
When I saw an awesome tutorial at CrafterHours for this fun skirt, I had to give it a try for Miss D.

Sometimes I get a little gung-ho when I'm crafting...
And when that happens, I make mistakes.
Take this perfectly lovely pair of pajama pants;
I was cutting out a pattern piece and accidentally went right through the pattern to my darling, oh-so-Sandra-Lee-inspired pajama pants!!!
 Yep, big hole through the thigh:(  
Not as bad as the time my cousin was using a drill and placed a screw into his thigh,
 but nevertheless, a tragic loss....
So I re-invented the precious pjs into the Valentine MilkMaid skirt! 
I ripped a couple of seams and "Wallah!" a couple of yards of fabric:)

 I knew that I wanted to use the existing hem--- saves time in the end!
 So I matched-up the seams and pinned them before starting to cut.
 Then I simply followed the tutorial on CrafterHours....

 But decided to add some ric-rac to give it some over-the-top cuteness for Valentine's Day!
Yep, ric-rac+hearts=totally irresistable!
Plus my tiny toddler girl loves the deep pockets to hold her many treasures:)
I am totally NOT missing those cozy pajama pants anymore!

 So go ahead and give the darling Milk Maid Skirt a try!

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  1. This is really adorable! A great way to made lemonade out of lemons. :)


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