Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ruffle Rose

I hopelessly adore ALL of the many fabric flowers around!
They make me happy:)
So here's my version of an alluring "Ruffle Rose"!
 Have you seen this at the store?  Pre-ruffled trim.

I think it's intended for quilt binding.
But why stick to stereotypes?!
This is approximately 2" wide and runs about $3/yd.
I used 1/2 yard for my rose....

Take a raw edge...

Apply hot glue & fold over.

This will start the center 'bud' of your rose
 Next, fold up the bottom.
This is the part that technically is supposed to be sewn in to your binding on a quilt.
But we are going to use it to give our flower more bulk & dimension:)
Start to fold the ribbon around the center, securing with hot glue as you go.

 Add twists in the ribbon as you continue to circle around the bud.

 When you are pleased with the center of your flower, you need to wrap one more time completely...without any twists.
 Apply your hot glue, and completely encircle the flower one more time.
 Trim the end if necessary.
 Make sure to glue, and tuck the raw edge underneath.
 This gives it a neat/clean look.
 This is how your rose will look at this point----weird!!!  But don't worry....
 Simply fold down that outer edge and your masterpiece will magically appear before your eyes... yep, take that David Copperfield!
 Looking good, huh?!
 Cut a felt circle, apply hot glue, and secure flower onto backing.  At this point you can adhere the Ruffle Rose to any project.

But read on to see how I finished the displayed clip...

 We are going to make fabric "leaves"...
 Take your scrap piece of fabric and fold with right sides together
 Trace the outline of your leaf with pencil.
 Cut out.  You should have two pieces:)
If you don't, then cut another one silly...
 Sew around your pencil marks, making sure to leave the bottom open.

 Trim bulk with scissors.  I love my pinking shears:)
 Use a high-tech tool like this technicolor pencil to turn the fabric right-side-out...

 Press flat.
 Pinch the base to "gather" the leaf.
 Sew in place.

 I had this small doily just "screaming" to be used with the ruffled rose & leaves.  So I let it:)
 Slap tons of hot glue on all of it to make sure it can endure high winds....or at least endure the riots of my 2-yr-old:)
 I love how clean the rose looks even from the side! Beautiful.
 Add your clip or pin.
Finished!!!  Hooray!

If you happen to have some of this ruffled trim/binding laying around, give this Ruffled Rose at try!  And if not, go splurge at JoAnns---I think it cost a whopping $1.50.

I'm excited to check-out what other colors it comes in....

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